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  • Window Cleaning Guide: Basic Supplies

    April 16, 2019

    What do you need to get started?


    A large bucket is our first pick for your basic window cleaning kit. This allows you to mix up a large batch of cleaning solution and has a large enough opening for easy scrubber dunking.

    Our Bucket is a plastic, rectangular bucket designed for window washing, floor waxing and other special uses. It holds 6 gallons and measures 19″ x 10″ x 10″. It can be used alone or made more mobile when fitted with 4 Bucket Casters, a Double-Tool Hanger and a Bucket Lid.

    Cleaning Solution

    While you don’t “have” to use a cleaning solution to wash your windows (just water can work), we recommend using a product that will enhance your finished job. Water spots, grime and grease can be difficult to remove with just water, which is where our Clean & Glide solution can help.

    You also get the added benefits of a streak-free shine (due to the A-24 polishing agent) and no fogging! Simply mix in a cap-ful per gallon of water and you are good to go.

    T-Bar and Scrubber

    Got a lot of dirt and grime from a harsh Winter? Then you’re going to need a T-Bar and Scrubber to really get those windows sparkling. Our Heavy Duty Scrubber is made of a tough “brushed” polyester blend that is durable and specifically designed to hold a lot of water and easily combat set-on grime.

    If you don’t need the cleaning power of or the amount of water that the Heavy Duty scrubber provides, we also offer Lightweight and Microfiber Scrubbers for lighter and indoor jobs.


    Of course, a basic window cleaning kit would not be complete without a squeegee. Our Steccone® complete squeegees are customizable to your preferences and will give you an amazing result with less effort.

    We recommend the Feather-weight Aluminum channel and handles, which are extruded from aircraft-quality aluminum and heat treated for rigidity. This gives them superior strength and substantially reduces fatigue and increases speed and comfort.

    We also recommend the Magi-Klip handle to make changing the rubber or repositioning the channel a breeze. The world’s first single-point, quick release squeegee handle, simply press the Magi-Klip and release for a firm hold on the rubber or channel. No more ladders for just-out-of-reach windows!

    Microfiber Cloths

    And finally, to complete your kit–the window washers secret weapon–the microfiber cloth.

    You can read all about microfiber in our Window Cleaning Guide: Microfiber Window Cleaning Cloths, but if you need the short version, microfiber is lightweight and non-abrasive, with 16 times more expanded fiber area. This means better cleaning with less effort and a finished job that sparkles and shines – streak and lint-free!

    Cleaning Tips & Tricks

    Now that you know which supplies you need to start you off, here is Justin Hill (Room with a View window cleaning) to show them in use and to give a few helpful tips:

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