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  • Window Cleaning Guide: Squeegee Handles

    May 21, 2018

    Steccone Regular and Magi-Klip squeegee handles

    Regular squeegee handles

    What: The Regular squeegee handle is our first, developed in 1938, and is the less expensive option because of its simple features. These squeegee handles are held in place by aircraft elastic stop nuts, which secure the rubber in the channel.

    The channel can be switched out of the handle by loosening the stop nuts and sliding the channel out. To replace, simply choose a compatible channel in your preferred size, slide into the handle, and tighten the elastic stop nuts to secure.

    Our Regular squeegee handles are available in tempered brass, stainless steel or aircraft-grade, Feather-weight™ Aluminum.

    Who: This handle is perfect for those who will not need to switch between channel sizes to complete a job, especially home and business owners who’d like to clean their own windows. If you are not in a rush to complete your job and don’t need to change sizes, choose this.

    Where: You can use these squeegee handles anywhere, but the do-it-yourself customers will most likely use these handles for washing their home windows.

    Why: The Regular handle is incredibly sturdy and easy to use if you are not changing the channel size frequently. However, it can be harder to maneuver when switching out the channel sizes in the middle of a job, which is why it is ideal for a homeowner who has uniformly sized windows in need of a clean.

    Magi-Klip™ squeegee handles

    What: The Magi-Klip™ squeegee handle is the first single-point, quick-release handle and was invented in 1953 by Steccone. These squeegee handles are a little more expensive than the Regular handles, but worth the extra cost because of their quick-release feature. They also use the aircraft elastic stop nuts but have a quick-release button at the base. This releases the grip on the channel so that you can switch out channel sizes and replace rubber quickly and effortlessly, even up on a ladder in the middle of a job.

    close up of Magi-Klip™ squeegee handles quick-release button

    Our Magi-Klip™ squeegee handles are available in tempered brass, stainless steel or aircraft-grade, Feather-weight™ Aluminum.

    Who: This handle is perfect for those window cleaners, especially professionals, needing to use several different channel sizes to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

    Where: You can also use these handles anywhere but they are particularly useful for window cleaners that have several smaller jobs or large jobs with many different sized windows.

    Why: The Magi-Klip’s™ quick-release feature allows the user to switch out channel sizes quickly and efficiently with very little hassle or movement. This allows the window cleaner to get the job done in less time because they can easily switch out or reposition the channel within the handle for access to harder to reach spots, without getting the ladder. With the use of the Magi-Klip™ squeegee handles, there is no need for end clips, making it less of a hassle to switch out the rubber even while maintaining the same secure grip as the Regular handles.

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